The available time span in order to make a size change is 10 days from the shipment delivery date.

In order to get a size change, all the following terms and conditions must be observed:

  • The piece of clothing which needs to be returned must be tried on without removing any tag or label from it. Size changes will be accepted only with tag and labels on and not damaged. Size changes will not be accepted if the item is returned with damaged – cut, torn, detached, ruined – tag.
  • The piece of clothing must not be washed, ironed or treated in any way before starting the size change procedure.
  • The piece of clothing must be returned to Opaco srls in the same conditions in which it was sent to the Customer and it also must be packed properly before shipment.
  • The item which has to be returned must still have all labels on. These must all be intact and in good conditions.
  • The item needs to be shipped to Opaco srls within 20 days from the delivery date to the custode.
  • If the Customer does no longer dispose of the original packaging, they will be allowed to use another packaging, which will anyway be properly closed and sealed in order to avoid goods loss.

Should any of these terms not be observed, Opaco srls may always reject the size change request and send the item(s) back to the Customer at their own expenses.


  1. Print the Confirmation of Order that you have received by email.
  2. Put the product(s) whose size need to be changed and the printed Confirmation in the chosen packaging.
  3. Take the packet to the Post Office or deliver it to your courier and send it to: Opaco Srls – via Giuseppe Mazzini, 88, 26050 Cartigliano (VI) and put “Rif. Uniforms” to the Notes
  4. Then, order the item(s) in the correct size following the instructions on the website and selecting “Change Size” as SHIPMENT METHOD. The goods chosen in exchange will be shipped at Opaco’s expense only once.
  5. The Exchange will be processed only once all aspects of the Size Change procedure will have been checked.

All expenses that will have occurred during the Size Change procedure will be refunded within 5 working days from the shipment delivery date to Opaco srls.